Unboxing and Installing Xiaomi Monitor Smart Light Bar

Henry Aung / 2 years ago

I recently saw a tech video on YouTube and I noticed that the host was using some light bars on his monitors but it only shines on the desk but not onto the monitors:

So naturally I became curious and started researching into it.

They are called "asymmetric" light bars for monitors. It's "asymmetric" because the light only shines toward the desk and not towards the monitors it is attached on.

There are a quite a few offerings from different brands but the one that caught my eye was from Xiaomi; I have been a fan of Xiaomi phones and other a few stuffs (such as sensor-based lights) and very happy with the quality of it, so I thought I would give this light bar a try too and it did not disappoint.

Here is the unboxing of the light bars up to installation to my monitors:

The package is pretty straightforward and minimalistic containing only the light bar, the mount, the controller and the USB-C cable.

There is a tiny manual included but it is written all in Chinese. However, due to it's straightforward design, no need to read the manual.

Attaching the light bar to the mount was a snap with the magnet as a adhesive:

The mount has the USB-C port for power:

The controller is also pretty straightforward; one touch to turn on / off, rotate to increase / decrease the brightness of the light, and press and rotate to change from warm to cool light:

At the bottom of the controller you can rotate the inner circle to open up the battery tray:

The challenge for me was I already have Razor Kiyo ring-light camera attached to my monitors and I need to somehow fit both the light bar and my camera:

However, it was not too hard to attach the Razer camera on top of the light bar instead of the monitor:

Here is the final look after I have installed two light bars; one on each monitor:


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