Transferring your Pirate-chain (ARRR) coins from TradeOgre to your local ARRR Lite Wallet

Henry Aung / 2 years ago

This is a second-part in my series on Pirate-chain. If you haven't already, you can read my post on how to buy Pirate chain using TradeOgre.

This post assumes you are already familiar with TradeOgre and Pirate-chain in general and will only discuss how to withdraw your ARRR coins from TradeOgre to your local desktop Pirate-chain wallet.

First step is to download and install Pirate-chain desktop-lite wallet from Pirate-chain official website:

Once you have installed, log-in to your TradeOgre account and go to "Balances" page:

Next click on "Withdraw" link on the Pirate row:

You will be presented with "Withdraw Pirate" page.

Go to your desktop PirateWallet and click on "Receive" tab and copy the "Address":

Come back to TradeOgre Withdraw page and:

  1. Click on "Available Balance"; that will fill the "Withdraw amount" with maximum value
  2. Paste the copied address from your desktop wallet
  3. Click "Withdraw" button

You will be asked to enter 2FA authentication code; enter it and click submit:

After that go to "Withdraw History" page and you will see your transaction is currently "Pending" status:

After a while, it will change to "Processing" status:

Then, it will change to "Successful" status:

After that, go back to your desktop wallet and you will see that your ARRR coins have now been successfully transferred from your TradeOgre wallet to your desktop wallet.


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